International Federation for Automatic Control

SACAC is the nominated National Member Organisation for South Africa to IFAC.

IFAC is the world-wide organization dealing with Automatic Control theory, applications, education, and anyone of its technical and social implications. Its membership, based on the National Member Organizations (NMOs), provides a truly international participation, preserving the local customs in the development of its activities. Individuals can participate in IFAC at different levels of enrolment, from NMO representatives at highest management positions, to simple affiliates, receiving the Newsletter information from our Secretariat. Members of the Technical Committees (TC), either by NMO’s delegation or by their own recognize expertise, members of the events’ International Program Committees (IPC), appointed by their Chairs, authors or events’ attendees, are different options of involvement.

IFAC World Congress 2020

The 21st IFAC World Congress will take place in Berlin (Germany) from 12-17 July 2020.


View Articles published in IFAC-PapersOnLine

All papers from IFAC meetings are published, in partnership with Elsevier, the IFAC Publisher, in the IFAC-PapersOnLine proceedings series hosted at the ScienceDirect web service. This series includes papers previously published in the IFAC website. The main features of the IFAC-PapersOnLine series are:

  • Online archive including papers from IFAC Symposia, Congresses, Conferences, and most Workshops.
  • All papers accepted at the meeting are published in PDF format – searchable and citable.
  • All papers published on the web site can be cited using the IFAC PapersOnLine ISSN and the individual paper DOI (Digital Object Identifier). The site is Open Access in nature – no charge is made to individuals for reading or downloading.

Copyright of all papers belongs to IFAC and must be referenced if derivative journal papers are produced from the conference papers. All papers published in IFAC-PapersOnLine have undergone a peer review selection process according to the IFAC rules.

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