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The engineering of a control system is a microcosm of the system engineering process. Engineers must learn many skills when they leave university to enter industry. This talk concentrates on the technical challenges (excluding management) that will confront them.

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About the speaker

Dr Olis Rubin received the DSc.Eng. degree from the University of Pretoria. In addition to his technical publications, he has written two books:

  • Designing Automatic Control Systems
  • Control Engineering in Development Projects

The lecture is based on the second book, which has been reviewed in the following website:

Dr Olis Rubin will follow a case study that takes the engineers through the various stages of a development project, and confront them with a variety of challenges. This will illustrate the gaps between the classroom and the job. The points made are common sense, but we must remember that common sense is an acquired skill, where:

Good engineering judgement is based on experience. Experience is based on bad engineering judgement!


18:30 Arrival

19:00 Welcome and Introduction

19:05 Control Engineering in Development Projects by Dr Olis Ruben

19:50 Q&A

20:00 End of evening

(Tea/Coffee and Snacks)

Who should attend

This talk is open to all control engineers, whether starting their career, or responsible for management of young talent.



University of Pretoria
Engineering Building 1, Hall 2


  • Drive to entrance in University Road.
  • Enter parking garage. Park on either floor 3, 2, or 1. (Two left most lanes at entrance are for the parking garage.)
  • Take the lift to floor 5, and continue to hall 2.

Registration enquiries & contact information

This talk is free of charge.

Please RSVP before 20 July by emailing your details
to Ms Keri Garland at

Please contact SACAC for more information

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