Call for participation

To enable a delegate of one of SACAC’s industrial or institutional members to participate in an international IFAC conference, sponsorship money is made available for flight tickets and conference registration fees up to a maximum of R20 000. Accommodation and daily living costs are not covered by the sponsorship.

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A person is eligible for sponsorship if the person:

  • is an author of a paper accepted for presentation at an IFAC sponsored or co-sponsored event in the period January 2016 to December 2016,

  • is an employee or student of one of SACAC’s members, and

  • the SACAC member’s fees are paid in full.

Presentation of the paper at the conference by the winner is a requirement for support.
The sponsorship can be awarded even if the event already occurred. Only one sponsorship will be awarded.


Application for sponsorship should be addressed to the SACAC Secretariat and contain the following information:

  • Paper submitted to the congress

  • Proof of acceptance of the paper

  • Employer details of an industrial applicant, or Supervisor details for an institutional applicant.

    The deadline for applying for SACAC sponsorship is: 31 August 2016
    The sponsorships will be awarded by: 31 September 2016


To avoid conflict of interest between the SACAC Executive Committee and the applicants, people serving on the Executive Committee may not serve on the adjudicator panel. The panel of adjudicators will be announced on SACAC’s website. Two to four people from SACAC’s industrial members, and two to four people from SACAC’s institutional members should serve on the adjudication panel.

Adjudication Criteria

The panel of adjudicators will select the top articles from the submissions. The aim is to find an article with exceptional content, rather than simply a well-written article with regular content. The following criteria will be used:

Scope [30%]:

  • General or specialised industrial relevance?

  • Relevance to SACAC’s target audience?

Information: [40%]:

  • Potential for industry application?

  • Potential further academic research?

Content is [30%]:

  • Intelligible and non-trivial to professionals in industry.

Enquiries & contact information

Keri Caitlin Garland
Tel. (011) 021-8196
Mobile: (086) 570-7909