The 19th IFAC Symposium on Mining Mineral and Metal Processing (MMM2022) will be held 15 to 18 August 2022 in Montreal (Canada). SACAC will make sponsorship money available to enable employees and students of SACAC’s industrial or institutional members to participate in this international event.

The aim of the sponsorship is to cover the travel, accommodation and registration expenses. The specific sponsorship amounts will be announced after the SACAC AGM in 2022. The aim is to sponsor at least one author from SACAC’s industrial members and one from SACAC’s institutional members. The sponsorship is awarded on a competition basis.

A person is eligible for sponsorship if the person:
• is an author of a paper accepted for presentation at MMM2022,
• is an employee or student of one of SACAC’s members, and
• the SACAC member’s fees are in good order.

Only one author per paper can be supported. Presentation of the papers at the conference is a requisite for sponsorship. At the conclusion of the event, the author needs to submit a brief report regarding their experience for inclusion in SACAC’s bi-annual newsletter.

Application for Sponsorship
Application for sponsorship should be addressed to the SACAC Secretariat and
contain the following information:
• Paper submitted to congress
• Proof of acceptance of paper
• Employer details (industrial member), or Supervisor details (institutional member).

The general time line for this sponsorship is as follows:
• Deadline of submission to MMM2022: 15 December 2021
• MMM2022 gives notification of acceptance to authors: 15 February 2022
• Application deadline for SACAC MMM2022 Author Sponsorship: 20 February 2022
• The sponsorships will be announced before: 10 March 2022
• The deadline for final submission of papers to MMM2022 is: 15 March 2022

The papers submitted for potential MMM2022 Author Sponsorship will be judged by a panel appointed by the SACAC EXCO. The panel of adjudicators will select the top articles from the submissions. The aim is to find an article with exceptional content, rather than simply a well-written article with regular content. The following criteria will be used:
Scope [25%]
• General or specialized industrial relevance? Relevance to SACAC’s target audience?
Novelty [25%]
• Potential for industry application? Potential for further academic research?
Content [50%]:
• Intelligible and non-trivial to professionals in industry

John Burchell         &         Derik le Roux
SACAC President              SACAC Treasurer

Download Document: SACAC MMM2022 Sponsorship

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