SACAC’s members aim to promote the science and practice of Automation and Control for the economic benefit and prosperity of South Africa.

Members of SACAC are either:

  • Institutional members such universities, engineering societies and other corporate bodies or organisations who do not trade in automation technology, or
  • Industrial members such as corporate bodies or companies which are in the business of using or trading in automation technology for commercial purposes.

The costs for membership for 2019 are:

  • Institutional: R 2’700 (Alternate fee: R 5’800)
  • Corporate: R 4’650 (Alternate fee: R 10’700)

The alternate fee allows members to send a maximum of 3 delegates to all local SACAC workshops free of charge, reducing the administrative burden of arranging payment for each workshop attended.

(If you want to be added to SACAC’s mailing list as an individual, please follow this link.)