The South African Council for Automation and Control will be presenting a one-day interactive workshop on preparing Control System Functional Design Documentation.

The guidelines presented will be completely generic and will not necessarily align with any specific automation product or manufacturer.

At the conclusion of the workshop the attendees will have a thorough understanding of the minimum requirements for an FDS as well as a complete sample document for reference. The sample FDS will be handed out piecemeal after the conclusion of each exercise.

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The workshop will be useful to both specifiers and implementers and will provide a theoretical grounding as well as a practical guide for preparing control system functional specification documentation for implementation on Industrial control systems consisting of DCS (Distributed Control Systems), PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) and HMI (Human Machine Interfaces / SCADA devices).

Experienced and novice process and control systems engineers and technicians who wish to gain an understanding of the ISA 5.06.01 Standards for Control System Functional Requirements Documentation and the new ISA 101 High Performance HMI standard.


8:30 to 9:00 Registration (tea/coffee)

Session 1 : Introduction – The importance of producing a control system FDS before software programming and configuration begins.

Session 2 : ISA 5.06.01 Standards for Control System Functional Requirements – Brief overview of the  International Society of Automation’s standard for control system functional requirements documentation and it’s relevance to the workshop.

Session 3 : Definitions – Essential industry terms and abbreviations to be used in the FDS.

10:30 to 10:45 Tea/coffee

Session 4 : Tagging and Naming Conventions Essential equipment naming (Tagging) conventions and their use throughout the control system. 

Session 5: Control Philosophy – Review of the role of the Process Engineer’s Process Control Philosophy in guiding the FDS. A typical control unit will be described.

Session 6 : Control System requirements -Defining the requirements for the Control System i.e. PLC coding concepts.

12:30 to 13:15 Light Lunch

Session 7 : ISA 101 Standards for Human Machine Interfaces – Defining the requirements for High Performance HMI i.e.. HMI /SCADA configuration concepts, style guide, life cycle.

Session 8 : Reporting Requirements

Defining the requirements for Control System reporting and presentation of reports.

15:30 Summary, closeout and evaluation.


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