30 September 13:00 – 14:00

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Feel free to mark the following dates on your calendar. All lectures will be between 13:00–14:00, unless explicitly indicated otherwise.

29 July:

Practical Implementation Guidelines for a Process Control System

Ricardo Paddy (Scibotron)

A lecture designed to give an overview of the control system design process.  It will cover topics that give insight into the requirements, objectives and outputs of control system design as implemented in industry, touching on the interfaces that the control engineer has with various disciplines and framing the project lifecycle of a production plant from concept to operation.

26 August:

Data in the Noise: The Challenges of Remote Control Performance Monitoring

Zander Horn (Stone Three)

This talk will give an overview of what the future might look like in monitoring multiple sites at multiple levels, from base layer control to APC. It will consider what metrics to look at with a snapshot of where we are right now. The talk will look at some of the techniques that are applied, including Machine Learning methods such as oscillation detection. The move from nice toy problem data to the sea of real data from modern processes is often a big shock for new graduates, and the talk will highlight some of the common pitfalls.

30 September:

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28 October:

From Engineering Principles to Real-World Benefits

Laurentz Olivier (Analyte Control)

The presentation will focus on how sound engineering theory is incorporated into design and translated into real-world benefits. The focus will be on case-studies where proper design led to demonstrable impact. The solutions to problems encountered on regulatory and advanced controllers have in many cases been well analysed. I.e., sound theoretical principles characterise these problems and therefore the solutions. Engineers are employed to solve problems, and in many cases the application of sound engineering principles lead to direct real-world benefits.